English Language and Global Journalism: An Overview

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The first thing you must know to establish relationship is to know ‘their’ language but what if you can’t know all the languages across the world and need to report on global issues. Of course then you must know English language. This write-up will talk about global journalism and its connection with English Language. It will also discuss the features of the language used in global journalism. HIMCOM is Best mass communication colleges in Delhi for Journalism courses.

Before that, it is important to know what is global journalism, how it has evolved into news of importance and then eventually, a new style of reporting all together.

The idea behind Global Journalism:

  • World is more connected than before and this journalism pertains to the issues which affect whole world equally
  • People are more mobile with respect to work and relationships both, cross-culture and cross-border information is of interest
  • National economy is tied to global markets
  • News moves faster
  • Internet has no national borders

Global journalism encompasses 3 different perspectives on the practice of journalism:

  • The globalized approach to reporting elaborated by scholar Peter Berglez
  • Studies of how journalists differ in different countries
  • The practice of “foreign correspondence” or international reporting.

Global issues in the news:

  • Climate change and global warming
  • Economy and trade
  • Disease outbreaks like COVID-19, bird flu, swine flu, SARS, Ebola, Nipah, Zika
  • Nuclear disasters such as Fukushima, Japan (2011)
  • Terrorism (Nov 26, 2008, Mumbai; 9/11, New York and many more)
  • Wars
  • Human Trafficking

Newspaper have sections or pages dedicated to world news, global news and international news but look at this age when a Pandemic like COVID-19 is a first page or homepage news across newspapers and news portals throughout the world! Any news which connects to the masses world over is global news. Whether it belongs to entertainment sector – eg. Hollywood Celebrities, Pop icons like Lady Gaga, Shakira, etc. or world politics: US President visiting nations of interest like India or for that matter Indian PM visiting his counterparts across the world! – just about everything makes for a front page news. World gets impacted if Israel makes a weapon deal with India. World also wanted to know where did Kim Jong (North Korean PM) vanish for 20 days!

A racial discrimination or a religious riot surging up in any country calls for a mutual unrest across the globe. We have all seen social media swarming with posts against or for a particular decision by the government whether it is happening in their own country or the neighboring one. Because we are all learning from each other, following each other’s examples, trying not to repeat the same mistake. Understanding the mechanism of change and become a part of it, this is what global journalism is all about.

Global journalism as a new style of journalism by Swedish researcher Peter Berglez:

  • View the world as one place
  • Put the events into their proper context, using analysis and in-depth coverage
  • See the whole picture, learn to link connections and study

Berglez gives us the definition of Global Journalism as a new kind of reporting, which is very well suited for the increasing interconnectedness of world today.

English Language

Now, comes the essence of a language which is the most used worldwide across borders to establish connections and understand each other – English. In local scenario, even if you go for local or national language, when it comes to international scenario, the table turns. Well, it is not the fault of English language but a quality that can be cashed upon. English language and communication plays a major role in information flow throughout the world, most of new media uses US English and some of them use UK or Indian English too. Why?

  • Fast and Efficient information flow
  • Easy to understand and relate to any other language
  • Many of the European languages have English script
  • Expression and understandability

Whether it is diplomatic relationship or journalistic information, substantial and impressive use of English language is a must.

US English

The most used language on the internet and social media is this pertaining to its comparatively ‘flexible’ grammar and spellings which makes it easier to use. Easier is considered faster into processing hence, it is widely used. Let’s discuss!

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