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From the Desk of Dean

Dean's Message

Dear Students,

I welcome you to HERITAGE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION (HIMCOM). Himcom offers a friendly and exciting academic environment in which the views, values, ideas and experiences of students are not only shared, but also analyzed and re-examined thoroughly through continuous interaction among students and faculty members. I am proud to affirm that the success of our program owes largely to the dedication of academically and professionally qualified faculty members. The faculty is actively involved in cutting-edge research, as is witnessed by publications in highly ranked academic journals. They bring together their learning and experience to create a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and professional practice. Our students are challenged to actively think about and understand conventional wisdom and then use this insight to forge a new direction in acquiring knowledge and solving problems. We base our philosophy on four basic principles, which we believe form the foundation of success: knowledge, attitude, skills and hard work.

You have reached an important time in your life when you are ready to pursue higher education. You have reached this stage after much hard work and have big dreams for your future. What can you do to prepare for the future? What education, skills and attitude should you gather right now that would ensure success?

HIMCOM gives its students an insight into its partnering companies through excursions, guest speakers, student consulting projects, job fairs and its dedicated alumni. We are proud of the professional immersive learning opportunities available at HIMCOM. Our programs offer you relevant, real-life work experiences while allowing you to earn academic credits. I encourage you to make the best of these opportunities while studying at the institute.

If you are passionate about becoming the best, most successful version of your own self, HIMCOM is the place for you. HIMCOM was founded on the principal that each person is unique. We are an Educational Institution providing quality world-class education. Beyond this, we are here to help you polish the unique person you are, who can succeed in the new world order.

In this website you will find all the information you need on our academic programs. You will also learn of our special programs that teach life skills, communication skills and enhance confidence. At HIMCOM, we teach, train and guide you from the class-room, through internships, giving you first-hand international exposure and remain by your side till you enter your first coveted job.If you are committed to working hard and succeeding, then we at HIMCOM are committed to help you excel.

Let me once again welcome you into our institute and unleash your potential to reach the horizon of success!

I look forward to having you as part of the HIMCOM family.


Vijay Prakash