Himcom Setup

Designed to soar

Just joining a media institute/college or Journalism colleges in Delhi is not enough for a breakthrough in media and journalism because industry exposure also plays an indispensable role in shaping a student’s career. Hence, specific training programmes, regular exposure to the real media and constant interaction with seasoned journalists and media professionals are the foremost factors responsible for making an impressive entry in media and journalism.

Heritage Institute of Management and Communication (HIMCOM) top Journalism colleges in Delhi is one of INDIA’s finest media training institutes which provide various UGC-approved university degrees, diplomas and certificate courses in mass communication and journalism. HIMCOM is the best platform for those students who aspire to join the fastest growing media industry of the country. The leadership of this college firmly believes that a plant can be grown fruitfully only on fertile soil, similarly, a student can excel or outperform only in a conducive learning environment.

  • Fully air-conditioned classrooms, studios, labs, library, and lounge.
  • Fully-equipped studios with Online Edit, Graphics, PCR and MCR.
  • Professional training in 24 hours broadcasting facility.
  • Rooftop cafeteria.
  • High-speed broadband network for tracking breaking news and online coverage round the clock. This facilitates learning for our students and it’s not restricted to our computer lab but various studios and multimedia rooms also receive this high-end connectivity 24×7.
  • Offline Video Editing Bay for news, documentary, short-films, ad-films, corporate films.
  • IT Centre for online research, content writing, online publishing, web journalism, graphics, page-layout & design for printed media.
  • Real-set studio cum hall for News/Programme anchoring, organizing in-house events, and movie projections.
  • An international news portal run and published exclusively by HIMCOM students.