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Certificate Program in Radio Jockeying Course Details

HIMCOM top institute in Delhi NCR, runs Certificate Program in Radio Jockeying course

  • Theory: working of a private FM radio station today
  • Practical: various elements of a radio station, voice modulation, and production.


The Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying is offered by the HIMCOM and is designed for freshers or beginners who wish to learn the skills and presentation techniques required to work as a broadcaster, announcer, or anchor for radio or internet broadcasting. The discussion will also be on speaking skills, voice modulation, script writing, and presentation of live comparing for radio and events

  • Radio: characteristics of the medium
  • FM history and different stations and their formats
  • Thinking radio and language for the medium.
  • Diction and pronunciation.

(Exercise: listening different formats and analysis)

Voice and Radio

  • Modulation
  • Mood mapping
  • Vocal exercise
  • How to master the art of voiceovers.

(Exercise: talking voices and characters)

Introduction to the Real Station

  • What makes a radio station?
  • Departments and overview
  • Roles of various professionals
  • Music and Dayparting.
  • Thinking listeners and making shows.
  • Writing for ears: scripting for radio

Radio Jockey

  • Presentation and style.
  • Understanding one’s own self and likes.
  • Writing for own shows
  • Innovation
  • How to be a storyteller
  • How to handle calls.

Thinking unusual for the usual.


  • Understanding Misc
  • Editing for radio and use of silence
  • Jingle making.
  • Sweepers / bumpers/ links
  • Promos and sound effects.
  • Radio terminology and day-to-day use.
  • Elements within a show

    • Interviews and various types.
    • OB or outdoor broadcast
    • Utilities: traffic, weather, stock.
    • PPF or pre-packaged features
    • LINKS

    ( Excercise: preparing an interview)

    Creative solution or client based

    • Designing campaigns for the client
    • Writing ads
    • Dealing with social causes and commercial ideas.

    ( Excercise: Making of a spot)

    The finale

    • A 10-minute show
    • An Ad
    • Group jingle
    • A Certificate Program in Radio Jockeying typically covers the following topics:

      Introduction to Radio Broadcasting: An overview of the history, evolution and current state of radio broadcasting.

      Production and Engineering: Knowledge of audio production and engineering techniques, such as recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

      Radio Programming: Understanding of how to create, plan and execute radio programs, including music selection, news updates and live events.

      Voice and Presentation: strong>Training in voice modulation, pronunciation, diction and on-air delivery, as well as script writing and public speaking.

      Radio Regulations and Ethics: Familiarization with the legal and ethical issues related to radio broadcasting, such as copyright, defamation and privacy.

      Radio Marketing and Sales: Knowledge of radio advertising, including how to sell and place commercials, as well as understand market trends and audience demographics.

      On-Air Performance: Hands-on experience performing live on-air, including hosting and conducting interviews.