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Digital Media Leadership Programme:

Don’t just create content, reach out to the right people and engage them.

According to the current industry need; gaining expertise in one area of vast communication stream is not enough, one needs to excel in the multitude of areas such as Design, Social media, Computer Application, Analytics with pg diploma in mass communication and journalism. This interdisciplinary program brings together creativity, storytelling & technology with a sharp focus on execution and implementation with the digital application. We prepare our students to be deft in handling both the content creation and its medium to reach their audience.

Digital Media Leadership Programme offers a curriculum that is designed by the experts as per the industry’s need. It provides the students extensive training in diverse fields of Mass Communication and hands-on experience on tools used for digital platforms. HIMCOM follows an innovative, rigorous, and academically sound yet fun-filled environment. The beauty of the program is that it is done along with your bachelor’s degree without becoming an additional burden as there is no element of rote learning, which is the biggest drawback of most courses offered in media.

The digital media leadership programme is about an experiential approach to the conventional pg diploma in mass communication and journalism subjects with Digital Media & Marketing. We aim to train at par with the current industry convergence. The electives into the Content creation and Content movement are created with a related interface into creativity and technology.

Digital Media Lab : The Digital Media Lab is an excellent production resource in the development of digital literacy. The lab is designed to support the students’ projects into the digital platform. The lab has high-end computers with the all required software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere. It offers an environment for the students of not only creating new media but also learning the steps to make your vision become a reality. HIMCOM offers complete assistance to help the student in creating and editing video, audio, and graphics and web designs, supervised by experts.

What You’ll Learn?

We offer an industry-integrated highly professional programme in Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication + DMLP. As we understand the industry requirement of skill and you need to succeed in the emerging media industry.

PGDJMC + Digital Media Leadership Programme

For working professional we also offer an Autonomous Digital Media Leadership Programme.

Course Curriculam

  • Principles of Mass Communication
  • Print Journalism: Reporting, Writing, and Editing
  • Electronic Media (Radio and Television)
  • Modern Newspaper Management & Press Laws
  • Indian Culture & Folk Media
  • Digital Photography
  • Audio Visual Communication
  • Language for Media
  • Basic ComputerApplication
  • Blogging & Video Blogs
  • Gk & Current Affairs
  • Life Skills
  • Theatre

  • Information Technology Application in Mass Media
  • Editing in Electronic Era
  • Specialisation in Media Production Materials
  • Development Communication
  • Internship
  • Audio Video Production
  • Radio Program Production
  • Event Managemen
  • Digital Marketing
  • Gk & Current Affairs
  • Life Skills
  • Theatre