There is a huge potential for creative talent in India. The sector is facing an acute shortage of trained personnel. Media platforms-channels and production houses-both desperately seek quality-trained manpower in various functions involved in the making of a successful media product. The Heritage Institute of Management & Communication. (HIMCOM), Delhi, has been set up to offer contemporary credible and relevant media education.

With the globalization of world economy, mass communic­ation has become the most important tool in the hands of advanced countries in their pursuit for cultural domination of the world. What we see daily on our TV screens is Filtered through the ideological spectacles of the electronic and print media agencies and governments in USA, Europe and others belonging to the same elite club. Similarly, what we read in our newspapers is dictated largely by the political and economic interests of their owners.

 With steady decline in the standards of professional education, particularly in the field of journalism and mass communication, and lack of proper facilities to train journalists, advertisers and PR professionals, TV anchors, news readers and radio jockeys etc., a pressing need has been felt for the establishment of an institute of mass communication that can provide quality education and high -tech practical training to all aspirants desiring to work in the challenging, glamorous and highly-rewarding area of journalism and mass communication. The Institute is promoted by media professionals with nearly four decades of experience in print media and a decade-long experience in electronic media. The unique feature of HIMCOM is that it combines theoretical teaching of journalism and mass communication courses with high-tech practical training in all areas of mass Communication.

 With its state-of-the-art shooting floor, studio and  ultra­modern computer laboratory, digital cameras, printing machine, and other equipment  required in a media set-up, HIMCOM is the most highly developed Institute of its kind provides practical training to the students from day one with its highly qualified and experienced core and guest faculty and lectures by media specialists from Delhi and Noida, the HIMCOM boasts of providing the best possible education and training in journalism and mass Communication.