The work at our institute straddles both realms, facilitating a synergy between research, teaching and production. We not only promote critical thinking, innovation, creativity, research, production, dissemination and advocacy in the areas of media and production but also believe in maximum practical exposure.

Teaching Methodology: Classroom studies have now given way to educational tours, outdoor shoots, parliament visits, live interviews with eminent personalities from the fields of politics, films, sports and rendezvous with public figures. Fundamentals are taught in such a way that students become more confident and field-ready with each lesson. Studying at HIMCOM is more of a combined effort of teachers, students and staff.

Training and development: Special emphasis is on practical implementation of the things learnt and case histories done. Self-assessment assignments are a regular feature here. Computer and language skills are honed in labs and social classes. Live studio exposure for furnishing presentation skills is stressed on. Overall personality development is the focus of our training programmes. Experts from the industry help HIMCOM in achieving this.

Industry Interface: In foundation classes, every other week a known iconic face from media industry not only comes to meet the children but also gives them the first hand knowledge of the most recent trends in the industry. Students get a fair chance of interviewing them as well as learning from them. HIMCOM leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the best in class education for its students.


Research is important in every field to find new break-throughs and authenticate new investigations. Here, students are encouraged to be experimental but not without guidance. Our faculty members update themselves technologically and academically to bring out the best in students. Media is field where achievements do not come without a sound knowledge bank, hardcore ground research and deft technical skills whether it is videography, anchoring, editing or reporting – everything is interconnected and of course, everything starts from research. Students are trained in elementary research methodologies and are assigned fresh projects along with case histories to give them a heads-up on real and right way to work later. They confidently build their own industry ready portfolio.