MA Journalism and Mass Communication

The first word “Heritage” in Heritage Institute of Management & Communication (HIMCOM) depictsthe reality or fact which is themainaim of HIMCOM’s Journalism and Mass Communication program. Mass communication is anetwork of spreading theinformation to public.It deals with the process of how news related content is being produceand circulated to masses through dissimilar means of communication such as newspaper, radio, television and internet. Also to dig out truth from any information that is the basic job of a journalist or a communicator. As the industry is growing vast though wiserrequirement for young & dynamic communicators and journalists becomes limitless.


At Heritage Institute of Management & Communication (HIMCOM), Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhigivescounsel and guidance by experienced faculty and media professionals to drive students attain success and firm ground in the media industry. To enhance the learning experience of the students deal with future needs of the media world HIMCOMschedules rigorous and intensive workshops throughout academic year.


Heritage Institute of Management & Communication (HIMCOM)arrange studio based workshops, radio programs, documentary film productions, news Reading / TV anchoring, theatre workshops, participation in film festivals, live programs of AAJ TAK, news nation doordarshan, loksabha TV , All India Radio, Newspaper Houses, PR Agencies and Multimedia Channels which make students to recognize and look after their potentials. In case you dislikewalking from classroom to classroom, being taught everything in lecture then Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication fromHIMCOM, Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi is the best choice. As we know media professionals play an important role in the growth of nation due to their great nearness between government officials and the masses.With HIMCOM you have a freedom to seek and research stories that you are interested in.

High Lights

  • UGC/ UNESCO based model Curriculum.
  • State of the Art Infrastructure. (Radio Lab, Print Media lab, Studio with PCR)
  • Yearly Updating of syllabus as per industry/ Academia demands.
  • Project Based Learning.
  • Innovative Pedagogy.
  • Focus on Practical Training.
  • Weekly Field Visits
  • Outcome based learning.
  • Campus Placement by Reputed Media Houses.
  • Opportunities to showcase the talents through exhibitions and other media events.
  • Distinguished faculty members with relevant industry / Academic experience.


Because of being in limelight and influence of media in people’s life arevital reasons which attract youngsters to pursue their career in this field. So, if you are curious and won’t stop yourself until getting the full story, thensurely Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication fromHeritage Institute of Management & Communication (HIMCOM), Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi is the right choice for you. Once you complete Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from HIMCOM it is guaranteed that you will start looking at your hometown, region, country and the whole world with different perspective. You will start looking for story in everything that was normal before.

Apart from jobs in media houses, production houses, channels you can also makeyour own films, own your newspapers, setting up your own news/media websites, creating your own music videos, etc.