Keep negativity at bay during COVID-19 crisis – K. G. Suresh, Hony. Director of HIMCOM

Keep negativity at bay during COVID-19 crisis – K. G. Suresh, Hony. Director of HIMCOM

The wisest among us is the one who prudently utilizes the leisure time and doesn’t allow any free space for negativity. The current lockdown is a blessing in disguise for many who were tired of doing the same and monotonous activities, every new day. The novelty was out of life and the scarcity of time was keeping them miles away from passions and interests. For some fortunate professionals, the sabbatical was a way out, but for students, skipping study even for a single day was a huge loss. Now, time is no more a luxury and everyone has ample amount of time to reboot and refresh the life.

Fake news is as dangerous as rumours because it spreads like wildfire and damages people’s sensibility, cognisance, and even conscience. It is the vested interest of some corrupt people to promote fake news through the gullible audience and cause damage to persons, communities, and societies above all. For making the masses aware of the detrimental consequences of fake news and doctored videos, all the responsible personalities of the society are coming forward and requesting people to protect them from such pernicious posts on social media. Being a leading mass communication & journalism college of Delhi-NCR, HIMCOM always inculcates moral responsibility in its students. Recently, HIMCOM’s Hony. Director, K. G. Suresh, who is a noted journalist and communication expert, addressed the students of mass communication and journalism regarding “Lockdown and Sensible Use of Media”.

Prof Suresh is one of the most reputed journalists and communication specialists of India and he has contributed immensely to the success of many esteemed institutes. He had also served as the position of Director General at Indian Institute of Mass Communication and Chief Political Correspondent at Press Trust of India. Recently, Prof Suresh is also selected for the prestigious Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award for his unparalleled contribution to Hindi journalism and mass communication. Every year, Honorable President of India gives this award and it carries INR 5 lakh cash and a shawl along with the certificate.

While sharing his message to students of mass communication and journalism through a video, Mr Suresh, said, “There is a hidden opportunity for everyone in the crisis. We just need to utilise our time and skills in productive activities. Also, there is an additional responsibility of media students to stop pervading the rumours and fake news on social media by maintaining distance with such negative sources.”

Prof Suresh also said, “Although the COVID-19 pandemic brings the world to a standstill, it comes with enormous opportunities to envisage and evaluate life. It is the time to prioritise things, develop relations, and shift focus towards bigger goals and objectives. But, during this transformation, one should take all precautions to keep oneself away from all sorts of negative and disturbing vibes – the biggest impediment to personal and professional growth. Remember! Even coronavirus is less harmful than negativity.”

No one deliberately wants to embrace negative and irrational thoughts as no one wants to get infected with COVID-19. Often lack of precautions and negligence open doors for cynicism and negativism. That’s why sagacious people always look for the company of good people and in their absence; they prefer solitude over comradeship of less worthy people. In the present time, people spend more time with television and smartphones than family and friends. To gather any information they rely heavily on the Google and social media platforms and forward it with their WhatsApp contacts without checking the authenticity of the news, which gives birth to fake news.

To utilise their time in a better manner, Mr Suresh also advised media students to interact experienced or successful people in their vicinity and share it to motivate others. Indeed, a crisis is not always to check your endurance level. Many times, it helps you to discover your stronger version.