How to find the best mass communication college in Delhi

How to find the best mass communication college in Delhi

In the era of the communication revolution where after air and water, the third most consumed thing is content, a degree in mass communication means a lot. Today, gadgets like TV, smartphones, tablets, and laptops have become the part and parcel of life or it would not be wrong to say that they are man’s best friends who stay with him in sound as well as bad situations. Consequently, this rising dependency on mass media is increasing the demand for media and professionals who work in this industry. And, people blessed with creativity, knowledge, and desire to influence the world have unlimited career opportunities in mass communication. After the advent of Social Media and OTT, mass media is not restricted to print, electronic, and cinema, the sector is expanding and creating new job roles for professionals with a degree or specialization in mass communication.

Delhi, the media capital

A mass communication degree from a known and reputed college can ensure easy entry into the media, but if the institute is of the B or C category, the results could be poor and discouraging. Hence, an aspiring mass communication student should always look for the best college. This means, that if one belongs to North India, then s/he must explore the best mass communication college in Delhi. Now, a question may arise why Delhi, what’s wrong with other cities of North India? Then, one should not forget that being the Capital of the country, almost all the big media houses and publications operate from here. Besides, the kind of practical exposure students receives here is next to impossible in other cities. For instance, in the best mass communication college in Delhi in 2022, students learn under the guidance of highly qualified faculty with relevant working experience in the industry. They impart practical knowledge and job-ready skills.

How to judge the best college

Faculty plays a cardinal role in the ranking of an institution, but before taking the final decision, the student should also judge the college on other important parameters too. Infrastructure, curriculum, pedagogy & research, environment, training & internship programs, placement cell, and alumni network are the other important yardsticks to judge the best mass communication college in Delhi in 2022. For a regret-free decision, one should ensure that s/he is getting 100 percent placement in a reputed organization after completing the program. Are the courses UGC recognized? Will he receive practical exposure in the state-of-the-art TV Studios, TV Newsrooms, Assignment Desks, Output Desks, NRCS (Newsroom Computerized Systems), Ingest Department, and the Teleport system?

Eureka Eureka!

Finding all such facilities/features at one institution is difficult but not impossible. HIMCOM, often quoted as one of the best mass communication colleges of Delhi by industry experts, scores full marks on all the key parameters discussed here. Media aspirants and future journalists groom themselves at such quality institutes. And, after receiving a degree in the mass communication program, the industry rewards them with dream jobs and handsome pay packages. Indeed, it is the college that shapes one’s future.

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