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HIMCOM is the most purposeful best mass communication institute in Delhi of its kind, provides comprehensive training to its students from day one through highly qualified and experienced faculty and industry experts.

Best mass communication institute in delhi

Though India is a hub of creative people, the media & communication sector of the country is facing an acute shortage of trained personnel due to the limited accessibility of the talent to quality media institutes. Various media platforms, including TV channels, production houses, news agencies, publications, and news portals avidly seek trained media aspirants to perform desired functions in different roles and capacities. The Heritage Institute of Management & Communication (HIMCOM), Delhi, fix this demand and supply gap and offers contemporary, credible, and relevant media education to potential candidates.

The world economy is culminating very rapidly towards globalization and every developed country is keen to promote its culture across the planet. Consequently, the significance of mass communication increases to manifolds in the last few years. Today, mass communication is a very potent tool in the hands of advanced countries to progress economically with their cultural domination.

Undoubtedly, the infinite reach of the media is opening new vistas of communication for governments, businesses, and masses across all spheres of human activities. Media houses are becoming powerful corridors of information exchange for countries as well as corporates. Amidst this communication revolution, HIMCOM is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of media and journalism in India.

Also, with a steady decline in the standards of journalism, the grooming and development of students at the journalism and mass communication colleges, is not at par with international standards. Therefore, after years of rigorous planning and research, India has now one of the best mass communication colleges in Delhi, which also comes among the top mass communication colleges in the country. HIMCOM have all those proper facilities which are quintessential to train extraordinary journalists, advertising and PR professionals, TV anchors, newsreaders and radio jockeys.

HIMCOM is an ideal mass communication institute in Delhi for media aspirants and future journalists seeking quality education and training to start a flourishing career in the challenging, glamorous, and highly-rewarding field of journalism and mass communication. Media professionals with almost forty years of experience in print media and decade-long experience in electronic media are the key stewards of this highly progressive communication college. Besides, the uniqueness of HIMCOM is a perfect balance between theory and practical training in all the areas of Mass Communication.

Hence, with its state-of-the-art shooting floor, studio, ultra¬modern computer laboratory, digital cameras, printing machine, and other equipment, HIMCOM is the most sought-after institute not only in Delhi-NCR but in the entire northern region of the country.