Bachelor in journalism and mass communication

Bachelor in journalism and mass communication

Unemployment is one of the grim realities of present times in the Indian Economy where 33% of educated youths are jobless and dependent on others. Things went bad to worse during the pandemic when millions of people were forced to accept pink slips by their employers in the private sector. A majority of them were lagging in terms of professional job skills which are the need of the time. In contrast, people armed with future-ready professional skills were immune to the job market volatilities. Even, many of them have been awarded promotions and pay hikes because they saved their respective organizations from untoward circumstances.

BA Journalism and Mass Communication

Gone are the days when people were used to getting job offers after completing traditional courses. In this highly competitive era, organizations expect more than simply a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Secondly, one should have highly competent skills in the field which is growing and have fabulous prospects such as the media and communication industry. Today, a Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication from the industry-recognized and reputed institute like HIMCOM have fair chances of getting job offers from the dreamed organizations such NDTV, Sony, Colors, Big FM, Outlook, India Today, Business Today, ToI Group, to name a few.

Jobs after BJMC

A Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication learns and develops many advanced skills that help him/her to get noticed by recruiters. Apart from gaining the core subject knowledge, s/he acquires skills in Design, Social media, Computer Applications, and Analytics that further add more value to a degree in journalism and mass communication. Empowered with multiple disciplinary skills, a deft mass communication student can easily fulfill the emerging needs of print as well as electronic media. Besides, being trained on various aspects of social media and content, a degree holder in journalism and mass communication can also choose career opportunities in digital media, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

Realizing the current needs of the industry, top mass communication colleges in the country such as HIMCOM have revolutionized the Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication course with the incorporation of the Digital Media Leadership Programme. On the one hand, this blended undergraduate course provides extensive training about mass media; students receive hands-on experience of digital media, on the other hand. Consequently, comprehensive knowledge and a wide array of skills help fresh graduates explore the best employment opportunities in the industry.

Scope & Career Opportunities

Globally, India is in the 51st position in creating job opportunities for its youth and up-skilling their skills as per the current and future needs of the job market is the need of market. Traditional bachelor programs which lack in imparting employment-centric skills are no longer catching the attention of the recruiters. However, if one has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication, then print and electronic media are not the only options to kick start a rewarding career. Depending upon the interest, one can also try luck in advertising, corporate communication, marketing communication, social media marketing, content management, broadcasting, and film/TV production. Besides, if the degree is awarded by a top journalism and mass communication college like HIMCOM, then except sky, there is no limit.